Taconic Hotel, Manchester Vermont

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Wanted to review my time and stay at Taconic Hotel in Vermont from the other weekend. You guys are going to fall in love with this place like I did so be prepared! It was one of my favorite hotels ever! See why below...


The main reason we visited Vermont was to go to our shooting class with Orvis and so obviously we wanted something in the area. Well this hotel was not even 5 minutes down the same road. The location was perfect! It was so close to everything but at the same time far away enough away so it was peaceful. You're surrounded by trees and forrest and then a mile or two up the road is a little downtown area. We couldn't have asked for a better location! 

Taconic Hotel, Manchester Vermont
bathroom inspiration

I LOVED our room -- everything about it but especially the decor. It was like a super stylish cottage feel with the dark wood, neutral colors and the bathroom wallpaper (I still die just thinking about it). It was super spacious, had everything we could need and honestly had the best robes! I slept in mine every single night I never wanted to change out of it!

The shower was also ah-mazing. I'm very picky when it comes to showers and water pressure and there is just no hotel who understands the importance of that like Taconic did. I loveddddd that shower and I really do think about it often hahah.  


The amenities at the hotel were A+! They had a heated pool (which I will be back and bring my swimsuit to), a in house restaurant (more on that below), wine social hours, free valet, loaner bikes, in room umbrellas and walking sticks, everything you would need for a pet and this "forgot it, we've got it" list of amenities:

Like wuuuuttttt this place was unreal. I was mostly (and seriously) impressed by this list. Do you know how many times I forget to pack my charger? Or lose my one hair tie? They really thought of everything and I was super impressed.

The Copper Grouse
The Copper Grouse

Okay... the food... omg. We had the pleasure of eating at the in house restaurant, The Copper Grouse one night for dinner and it was honestly one of the best meals Andrew and I have had this year. It was  SO good. Not only the food, but the staff -- I think that's what made it so great! They were so extremely nice, attentive and helpful during dinner. We even got to the point where we were mixing new drinks to try based off of what we like. Andrew said he had the best cocktail of his life that night (and he is a beer guy).

Also, again, the decor of the place was stellar. I wanted whoever decorated this place to come and show me how its done. We also almost sat outside -- but it was supper chilly at night -- and I still kind of regret not doing it because they give you a warm GINGHAM blanket to wrap yourself in. Ugh, literally my dreams to be in gingham by a fire pit. Next time!!

Taconic Hotel, Manchester Vermont

The hotel itself was just really amazing. It looked brand spankin' new and the decor + styling of the place was drool worthy. It's the perfect little escape in Vermont and Andrew and I really really loved staying there. It was cozy, welcoming, extremely well staffed, perfectly maintained and picture perfect. 

Overall My Experience Was...

A++++++++++ Andrew and I still talk about it to this day -- we both agreed that Taconic (and Manchester) will be our fall/winter getaway like Nantucket is our summer place. We fell in love with the area, the hotel and the food. We cannot wait to be back soon!

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