Orvis Shooting School

Talk about a fun day (and weekend) in Vermont! Who knew going back to school would be so much fun :)


Orvis Shooting School
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Orvis Shooting School
Orvis Shooting School
Vineyard Vines Quilted Yoke Vest, patch sweater
Vineyard Vines: Quilted Yoke Vest / ASOS: Riding Sweater (super old; similar here & here) / Levi: Denim Jeans / LL Bean: Bean Boots / Ray-Ban: Wayfarer Sunglasses 

Each Christmas I ask Andrew for experiences instead of actual gifts because I love to explore with him and it's really the gift that keeps giving! So last Christmas I asked for a shooting school day with Orvis where we would properly learn how to shoot clays. He came through.

If you guys remember I had a brief experience with it last year during a press trip with Barbour. After that, I was all but hooked on clay shooting and I wanted to get better. You can even read in this blog post about how the shooting school was No. 1 on my Christmas list!

Orivs has schools all over the country, but their two big ones are in Sandanona, NY and Manchester, VT. Since I had never been to Vermont and we could make a quick weekend out of it, we decided on the Manchester school in late September. It was the very best decision and I LOVED it up there. Andrew and I are going to try and go back every fall to visit. The drive wasn't too bad either -- about 3-4 hours from NYC!

Anyways -- the school! We arrived around 9am and departed around 4pm. They fitted you for guns, they taught you about gun safety, proper shooting and stance. Then we shot clays all day with different angles and targets. There was a group of eight students and we were split up into groups of four then we would rotate.

By the end of the day (and to this day) my shoulder was tender. I was shooting with a 28 gauge, which didn't have that much kickback, but a full day of shooting when you don't shoot often can make anyone hurt.

Andrew did a great job (it was his first time ever shooting) and I did pretty well too. Actually learning the technique made me realize there was SO much more that went into all of this then aiming and shooting. There was a lot to remember but I got the hang of it. I can't wait to go back and do it again!!

If you have the chance, or are so inclined, book this school. It was so much fun for Andrew and I. We really want to make it a more frequent thing. The instructors were awesome and great to learn from. I couldn't have asked for a better day (or Christmas present)!

As for my outfit, ironically this is about identical to my look last year when I went pumpkin picking. But what's a girl to do? When you love something, wear it till it falls apart. That's my motto for this sweater. It's SO very old from ASOS and it is my favorite thing in my closet. It is the best all-around sweater a girl could ask for!


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