Fall Uniform with LL Bean Boots

Krista Robertson, Covering the Bases

This might be one of my favorite looks to date. And I'm not exactly sure why... (other than the obvious it's #cute).


Furry Vests
Fall Fashion, Central Park NYC
LL Bean Boots
J. Crew Fleece Excursion Vest, Louis Vuitton Purse
J. Crew Fleece Excursion Vest
Central Park, NYC
J. Crew: Fleece Excursion Vest / Ralph Lauren: Blue Oxford (similar here) / J. Crew: Mini Skirt (old, similar here and here) / LL Bean: 8" Bean Boots / Louis Vuitton: Pochette Metis / Ray-Ban: Wayfarer Sunglasses Nordstrom: Pearl Earrings 

But a lot of my outfits are cute, so what makes this one strike such a chord with me? I told Andrew that it made me feel very college. Meaning this was how I dressed back then. For those who don't know, I went to U. of Kentucky, so being preppy and well-dressed was par for the course. So fall gamedays were vests, bean boots and a button down (pants or skirts were up to you).

I think what really brings me back is the return of my wayfarer sunglasses. Those were MY JAM in college. This was before all the mirrored stuff and before even aviators were cool. Wayfarers were where it was at. I wore them ALL the time and maybe shuffled through 4-5 pairs over two years (college gamedays are rough on the fragile). 

With all the new and cool sunglasses out there, my wayfarers soon fell to the bottom of my basket (I have a literal basket with sunglasses in them) and I totally forgot about them. I had two pairs of tortoise; the 55mm and the 52mm (these are the 52mm) and I just simply tossed them aside.

Well, they're back and ready for action. I'm going to bring these back into the rotation because I honestly forgot how much I love them. And for the plain and simple fact that they make me reminisce on old SEC football days. #blessup

As for the rest of the outfit outside my love affair with my sunglasses, I'm breaking out the Bean Boots and you can get ALL you need to know about them HERE in yesterday's post

Finally, the boots are out with my favorite mini skirt. I bought this from J. Crew a couple years ago and I really just should have bought more colors. I freaking love this skirt and it is perfect for fall. Pairing two things that ideally don't normally go together (like a shirt and bean boots) make it work that much more.

And did I mention this vest? It's similar to the shape of the excursion vests from J. Crew and the fur vests from two years ago. The perfect union and something that will be a must have for my fall attire. Ya dig?



  1. Love this, esp. the boots + the skirt! And I treated my Wayfarers like babies in college so they're still holding strong (I'm pretty much the opposite on the sunglasses front and only have 3 pairs because I hate how most look on my face), but definitely thinking it's time to add a tortoise pair to the mix!

  2. I love this outfit! I have a pair of the insulated bean boots and definitely want to try to get a normal pair too!!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. That vest! I love! Now I'm just waiting for it to go on sale!

    Her Heartland Soul

  4. Your hair!! What's different?? Did you hot roll it or something? Love!

  5. This makes me want fall to get here already! Chicago is still so hot!!

  6. This is such a cute look - love how preppy it is with the fun touch of the boots and vest!

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  10. Love the boots!


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