Video: Toronto Weekend Vlog

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Recapping my trip to Toronto with Caitlin today on my YouTube channel! Let me know if you guys like the vlogs/how I'm doing because I need more feedback! You can watch it HERE or below!

What do we like/not like/love/wish was different/need to do better with the vlogs? I'm so new to this process I happily welcome anything you guys have to say!
And always it would be the world to me if you guys subscribed


  1. I will just say, probably where you went out to eat was in the club-ish district...there are some interesting outfits. But trust that all of Toronto/Ontario is not like that! Next time you should go out & eat in the Distillery District and then go back and enjoy a (full) Blue Jays game!

  2. I love your vlogs! I always look forward to watching them each Thursday. For travel vlogs, I like this format a lot better than those short 2-3 minute videos with music. Keep up what you're doing!

  3. I love your vlogs!!! I like the way the format is! It gives you the feeling that we as readers are there with you! You guys look so fun!!!!

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