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The other week I had the opportunity to shop the Marshalls and talk about my experience shopping in store with consumer emotion and behavior expert Peter Noel Murray, Ph.D. and I'm really excited to share our time with you!

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Marshalls invited me to come shop the store one day early last week and of course I took them up on the offer -- who doesn't love to shop at Marshalls? It's actually one of the few stores I shop in person because you never know what you'll find each time you visit. I always seem to go in just to 'look around' but of course leave with handfuls of items...

The catch? They're going to mic me up and talk to me about my shopping habits. I am a methodical and very serious shopper especially when it comes to online shopping. I have a strict routine and I know what works and what doesn't and therefore I'm rarely surprised by anything online. But in store shopping is a whole other realm of possibilities, especially at Marshalls. I don't know what I'm going to find each time I visit, what exactly I'm looking for or even what I really "need". You know?

During our time shopping and talking, Peter learned that I'm an instant gratification shopper. I need something that will make me stop in my tracks -- something I spot from across the room. Like a navy pair of pumps... (and yes, I bought them).

I wasn't actually going to shop the store during our time but more so talk to Peter about why I do the things I do. We started out in the shoe department and I even told him I had way too many shoes and I didn't need another pair. Not even three minutes later I literally spotted the pointy toed shoes from two isles away and I had to try them on.

Of course I fell in love with them but I was seriously so surprised I found something I didn't know I needed so quickly upon entering. It happened a lot more during the rest of the time in the store. I was able to really take my time and check out everything Marshalls had to offer and found myself really surprised with some of the designers they carry. 

I always knew they had certain ones but this Marshalls also had my favorite jeans, a ton of high end beauty products and so many good home decor pieces I could faint (and yes I did go home with another ginger jar).

Shopping has become more of a chore for me online but going in store and shopping at Marshalls was actually really fun -- like a breath of fresh air. The surprise of my finds was the best part! I mean how good does it feel to find two really great items you didn't know you needed when you weren't expecting to?

After such a fun morning with Marshalls and all the surprises the store had to offer, I was in the best mood --- set out to make others happy and sharing the wealth! Did you know that 77% of women feel either happy or excited when they shake up their normal routine? Aka we should all go shopping before work for a happier day ;)

ps how cute does Andrew look in this photo^

Big thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring this post!

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