Video: Lilly Pulitzer Collection & Haul

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It's Thursday and you know what that means! A new video is LIVE on my Youtube channel HERE or you can watch it down below! Be sure to subscribe because I'll love you forever.

Also can we just take a moment to relive my old college photos? Woof! If you get there in time, I shared a TON on my snapchat last night @kristalinn14 -- it's a fun look back into the life of Krista. 


  1. As a fellow Lilly lover, I loved this video! I totally agree with how different dresses bring back different memories and how they are like a special collection! Through the years, I've sold some that doesn't have as much meaning but there are certainly others that I could never part with! I have a tunic that I got in college in that same print as the dress you love (I think it's called Lillypalooza) and even though it's a little big now I just can't imagine parting with it! Love your collection Krista, thanks for sharing!

    xo Heather
    Sweet Tea Jubilee

  2. An embarrassment of riches! Wow, that's a lot of dresses. Guess I'm jealous.

  3. Loved seeing all the Lilly! You have a beautiful collection.

  4. The print you didn't know the name of is Lillypalooza. I actually own all of your holy grail dresses so got a kick out of seeing someone else with the same collection :)

  5. Love this video! I worked for Lilly during college and loved it! Also, a fun fact is the season and year are usually on the tag inside the dress if you're ever wondering when your pieces were made.

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