Video: Canada Goose Shelburne Parka Review

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New video Thursday -- what's good! Sharing a fun review of my favorite winter jacket. Be sure to subscribe to never miss a new video (out every Thursday!)


As promised, a full review of my new parka (that I L-O-V-E). I hope you guys try it out because it honestly will never need another winter coat again!!

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  1. Love this! I have the Canada Goose Trillium and it's seriously changed winter for me. I don't dread going outside anymore, and have resumed doing my part in walking the dog (which justifies the cost to my husband, ha).

    I know everybody has different feelings about fur, but I think with CG's commitment to ethics and its practicality for being cold (seriously breaks up the wind around your face), and the fact that you're already wearing several geese worth of feathers... basically I think you're good to wear it without the guilt you might have wearing 'fashion' fur. This is different.


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