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What fun would a travel blog be without a his & hers travel gift guide. I've compiled a ton of really great things that I personally travel with to make my life a whole lot easier. If you want to see more gift guides, be sure to check out my ultimate holiday gift guide magazine!


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Best universal gift for a girl: A cute rolling carry-on - every traveling girl needs a good rolling carry on and these are sure to delight! They're stylish and also have four wheels which is something you never knew you needed until you don't have it!

Best bang for your buck: Silver travel flask - so cute! This is great for so many other things besides traveling so it's a good overall present as well. 

Most unique: Rewireable adapter - every traveling girl or boy needs a good adapter. Can't tell you how many times I've blown a fuse because I think I didn't need these. 

Most fun: Kate Spade luggage - This is by far and away the cutest rolling luggage I've ever seen. Have you looked at the inside?? 

Best under $100: Travel pouch set ($98) these are a LIFESAVER when it comes to packing. I don't know what I ever did without them.

Best under $50: Map print passport holder ($48) there are a lot of really cute passport covers out there but I think this one takes the cake. It's so unique and perfect for the traveling girl. 

Best under $25: Wake me for champagne sleep mask ($16) UM how cute is this!! It just came back in stock and I doubt it'll last long so hurry while you can! 


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Best universal gift for a guy: Bose headphones - every pro traveler needs a good solid pair of over the ear headphones. Gotta drown out the baby crying behind you or the snoring person next to you. All you really want is to hear your music/movie/show and drown out the fact you're on a plane.

Best bang for your buck: Travel steamer - this is for everyone! This is my all time favorite steamer and I truly believe everyone needs this on their list.

Most unique: Tie canister - who knew these even were around. It seems like such a fun little gadget to have. And now your ties won't get tossed around and wrinkled.

Most fun: Travel poker set - I feel like this is perfect for every guy or every person who just loves to play cards and has a fun time playing poker. Travel sets like these are the best. 

Best under $100: Monogram leather travel flask ($49) - just like the girls list above, a travel flask is so perfect for all occasions! 

Best under $50: Leather charger roll up ($49) - keep the organization going and the cords untangled with this charger roll up! It's also pretty great for having your cords and chargers all together.

Best under $25: Toiletry case ($25) - every guy needs one of these and they should be sturdy! I love this brand of bag and highly recommend them!


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