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It's Thursday and you know what that means! New video is LIVE on my YouTube Channel (youtube.com/kristarobertson13) so be sure to go check it out below! 

If you've missed any in the past, you can always catch up on videos via the drop down at the top of the page ^ 

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  1. I love your videos! The Q&A was fun!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. This is just so adorable! I just discovered your blog and I'm in love! Unfortunately the Phillies will not be winning the world series anytime soon :(

    Can't wait to keep following your blog!

    - Laura

    Laura Aime Vous

    1. Welcome Laura, glad you found your way here :) and Phillies will have their year one year!

  3. I love this video! Thanks for answering my questions about blogging and who you think will win the World Series. Don't tell my Cardinals, because I'm pretty sure I'll get booted as a fan, but it would be pretty cool to see the Cubs win. I'm watching the game here in a few minutes, and I'm nervous!

    A fellow (new) fashion blogger and baseball fan,


    1. Of course! Thanks for sending in a question! Go Cubs hahah


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