What's in My Carry On Bag

What to Pack in Your Carry-On

Every good carry-on has a few essentials and today I'm going to share mine. Now remember that when I pack a carry on I also bring a full change of clothes, my jewelry and important electronics. This is all just in case my luggage gets lost or stolen!

Everything listed below are my travel items that I really don't go anywhere without. I honestly think all of these things (minus my computer and my headphones) are in my purse right now. So let's get to it:

1 // Computer
I don't think I have ever traveled without my computer! Last year I got the MacBook Air and I seriously couldn't love it more. I use it almost exclusively and it's great for traveling. The computer is super light and so easy to carry around.

I've talked about these headphones before but I really do love them. They are hands down the best thing for traveling. I hate trying to listen to a movie and shove my headphones into my ears just to hear what they were saying. These headphones cancel out all the noise on airplanes and have really amazing sound. Bonus points: they're collapsible so they're extra easy to carry around!

You might have seen my tweets about them already, but I don't leave home without a pack of these snacks. I have a bad habit of snacking but I don't feel so bad when I snack on these. I've gotten everyone in my office addicted to them and I'm slowing starting to take over my friend group with them as well. I can't start to tell you how good they are (and good for you!)

You can buy them online (10% off when you use COVERINGTHEBASES) and my favorites are mocha-mazing, monkey love and mind your p's and bbq's. I started out with the sampler collection to try them all and find my favorites and I think that's the best way to go about these. You have to try them and let me know what you think!!

4 // Extra Contacts
I'm actually really blind so losing one of these is a serious no-go for me! Better safe than sorry.

I don't know about you but every single time I travel my hair gets so greasy! I don't know what the deal is but instead trying to fight it I just pack dry shampoo. It's so easy to throw in your hair and go. I also use dry shampoo every other day of my life so leaving home without this would not be good. 

6 // Lotion
My hair will get greasy but the rest of my body gets dry. SO annoying! I carry around lotion to give extra hydration to my sensitive skin. I'm also testing out the waters (no pun intended) on this spray moisturizer

Chapstick because you always need some and lipstick for the special occasions -- you never know!

8 // Water
Always make sure to stay hydrated during travel. It's so easy to forget about but it's so very important. My favorite water (although I love them all) is Liquiteria's Aloe Water. It's seriously refreshing!

This is the best $35 dollars I've ever spent. This phone charger can charge two devices at once and can recharge one phone up to three complete charges. I have two that I switch off carrying around and it has been a lifesaver. I can't even tell you! I have one in gold and one in silver :)

10 // Keys 
This is self-explanatory. But how cute are my keychains!? I love my LL Bean boot and my needlepoint key fob :)

11 // Sunglasses
Learned this the hard way, but always have a pair in your purse. Always. 

12 // Notepad + Pen
I have the best inspirations when I'm traveling and really have time to just sit down and think. Because of that I never leave home without my note pads and a pen (one for blogging and one for everyday life). Nothing fancy, just something to get the job done!

As for what luggage I use when I travel, you can check out my striped duffle here, my casual travel style (and real luggage) here and my top picks for my favorite carry-ons here!

What are your go to carry on items?! Would love to know below!

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