If you live in New York (or even if you've been once) you've probably heard of Smorgasburg. I've been wanting to go for so long. I finally decided I would make the trek and go this past weekend. I enlisted the squad aka Courtney (from Color Me Courtney), her friend Kristin and the boys for a fun day in Brooklyn and we were off. 


Cooper & Ella: Sydney Tank / Anthropologie: Mallini Embroidered Shorts 
Ray Ban: Aviator Sunglasses / Jack Rogers: Lauren Sandals 
David Yurman: Pearl EarringsQuilted Tote: old, Identical 

If you've never heard of it, the easiest way to put it would be a big flea market for food. You walk into the area and are immediately overwhelmed by all the choices of vendors and food. We had to take a couple laps around before we could even halfheartedly make a decision. 

Our first stop was for some maple lemonade because it was ready and available, there was no line and I love lemonade. It was a little weird at first, but in the end it was really good and refreshing. 

What I really wanted was a ramen burger because that's mainly what Smorgasburg is known for but the line was far too long for this hot and lazy blogger so I settled on a shorter line and went for grilled cheese. 

Looking back on it, it probably wasn't my best move because it was SO HOT out and I was eating something warm but besides the immense heat, I really liked it. I also tried to cool off with a fresh and refreshing coconut but I realized after a sip I actually don't like coconut. So that's fun.

After my sandwich, I was sadly full (idk how that happened) but I managed to squeeze in one last ice cream cone and was done for the day. The ice cream was probably the best decision I made all day because it was cool AND delicious! 

I told Courtney that the best things I ate were the things I didn't get a chance to eat (aka things I wanted with long lines). That just means I have to go back!

Here are snaps of all the different food we ate as a group:

About the outfit: 


It was the perfect thing to wear to Smorgasburg and the closest I could get to being comfortable next to being naked. IT WAS SO HOT.

Thankfully I had this new tank from cooper & ella that 1- was light weight and breezy and 2- didn't show sweat. Yes and Yes. SIGN ME UP. I paired it with my army green shorts from Anthropologie (because I'm loving army green lately) and they were awesome for the day -- easy and stretchy.

I also am like exclusively wearing these sandals from Jack Rogers. They are so comfortable walking around all day. Taking care of your feet is a must. 

Has anyone else been to Smorgasburg??


  1. I would love to go to Smorgasboard! And I seriously want those sandals! They're my favorite Jacks by far!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. looks amazing! love those shorts!

    xoxo, Preeti

  3. If you're looking to get a Ramer burger without the line, head to the Seaport Smorgasburg location. There is rarely a line!

  4. I literally just snorted in my office "I actually don't like coconut. So that's fun."

  5. I want to go to there! All that food looks AMAZING!

  6. Love this simple, effortless look.



  7. Smorgasburg is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends when I have no plans. It's always fun venturing into Brooklyn and trying out different foods. Next time you go you need to get the fries with the dipping sauce (there's SO many to choose from) - there's always a line but they are SO worth it.

    Pink Champagne Problems

  8. You look so comfy and cute! What a fun day it looks like you had.

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  9. I love those jeans and they really fit you perfect.Those jeans are amazing. I’m religiously attached to Levi’s and I found the perfect pair, but Re/Done seems like and Nice Watch – probably the best I have seen you wear in a while.

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