If you live in New York (or even if you've been once) you've probably heard of Smorgasburg. I've been wanting to go for so long. I finally decided I would make the trek and go this past weekend. I enlisted the squad aka Courtney (from Color Me Courtney), her friend Kristin and the boys for a fun day in Brooklyn and we were off. 


Cooper & Ella: Sydney Tank / Anthropologie: Mallini Embroidered Shorts 
Ray Ban: Aviator Sunglasses / Jack Rogers: Lauren Sandals 
David Yurman: Pearl EarringsQuilted Tote: old, Identical 

If you've never heard of it, the easiest way to put it would be a big flea market for food. You walk into the area and are immediately overwhelmed by all the choices of vendors and food. We had to take a couple laps around before we could even halfheartedly make a decision. 

Our first stop was for some maple lemonade because it was ready and available, there was no line and I love lemonade. It was a little weird at first, but in the end it was really good and refreshing. 

What I really wanted was a ramen burger because that's mainly what Smorgasburg is known for but the line was far too long for this hot and lazy blogger so I settled on a shorter line and went for grilled cheese. 

Looking back on it, it probably wasn't my best move because it was SO HOT out and I was eating something warm but besides the immense heat, I really liked it. I also tried to cool off with a fresh and refreshing coconut but I realized after a sip I actually don't like coconut. So that's fun.

After my sandwich, I was sadly full (idk how that happened) but I managed to squeeze in one last ice cream cone and was done for the day. The ice cream was probably the best decision I made all day because it was cool AND delicious! 

I told Courtney that the best things I ate were the things I didn't get a chance to eat (aka things I wanted with long lines). That just means I have to go back!

Here are snaps of all the different food we ate as a group:

About the outfit: 


It was the perfect thing to wear to Smorgasburg and the closest I could get to being comfortable next to being naked. IT WAS SO HOT.

Thankfully I had this new tank from cooper & ella that 1- was light weight and breezy and 2- didn't show sweat. Yes and Yes. SIGN ME UP. I paired it with my army green shorts from Anthropologie (because I'm loving army green lately) and they were awesome for the day -- easy and stretchy.

I also am like exclusively wearing these sandals from Jack Rogers. They are so comfortable walking around all day. Taking care of your feet is a must. 

Has anyone else been to Smorgasburg??
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