Sail to Sable Sizzling in Stripes Navy Dress

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Sail to Sable: Sizzling Stripes Dress [shirt version here; different color version here; same shift different print here] c/o / Jack Rogers: Navajo Sandal / Dior: So Real Sunglasses / Old Navy: Red Clutch [LOVE this stripe one!] / Movado: Bold Bangle / Mini Monogram: Necklace 

This dress finally made it to the blog! It has been a long time coming but I'm glad to get it up. I seriously wear this dress all the time-- the first time breaking it on over the 4th of July (duh) and the last (as of now) this past weekend at the beach.

It's a great dress for summer because while it's really high quality fabric, it's not super heavy and it's really breathable. Trust me because I know from experience! It also doesn't show any sweat so that's always a huge plus.

It was fun to pair the dress with red accessories like my shoes and purse to make the red trimming really pop! I actually love this dress so much I have it in pink and navy. I think honestly anything Sail to Sable makes I either own or want to own. They kill it every season!

Other Sail to Sable past favorites from the blog: this captain dress in the Bahamas, the BEST stripe shirt (ever, ever) and my first STS tunic!


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