Cadillac in the Hamptons

True life: I think I'm a closet car nerd. Really beautiful cars get me way too excited! I think you'll find out why below... 

If you don't know by now (which, I'm not sure why you wouldn't but...) I live in New York City. Which meant that, like a true, poor-ish New Yorker, I had to sell my car before moving here. Bummer, right?

While there are times I'm grateful I don't have a car, (parking is a joke ($$$) here) more times than not I wish to be able to drive and get away. I get a little stir crazy in the city, especially when the warm weather hits. I think I was just made to be at a beach somewhere! 

This is where the wonderful team at Cadillac comes in. They loaned me this gorgeous car for the weekend so I could escape to the Hamptons and be at the beach for a weekend. How amazing are they!

When I first saw the car I was in total awe. It was so beautiful and sleek; super sophisticated and extremely well made. Every little detail in the car was well thought out, planned and executed! I've been driving SUVs my entire life so to say this was a change of pace would be correct. 

But it was so awesome. I loved how well the car drove. It hugged all the curves, it was smooth on and off the highway and it was extremely intuitive. 

The coolest features in the car were dedicated to the drivers needs. A reflection on the window kept you aware of your speed and cars nearby and the side mirrors would flash when there was a car in the blind spot.

One of the cooler features was the seat vibration for different alerts. Depending on where the alert was coming from (left, right, front) the seat side would vibrate accordingly and make you extra alert!

The car also would honk twice when turned off and doors shut if you accidentally leave the keys in the car. I'm not going to tell you how I found that one out hahah! This whole keyless car start is new to a girl who hasn't had a new car in a couple of years.

I felt totally safe in the car with all the extra protection. The seatbelt even tightened to make sure you were properly strapped in every time you start driving.

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty great driver. And in all honestly the car made me an even better one.

Thankfully (or not depending how you look at it) we were also able to test out the car in different conditions. It rained a lot of the weekend in the Hamptons and I found the car performed just as well in the rain. The dashboard screen even had a handy little weather map next to the GPS and the music!

The windshield wipers were totally automatic. They adjusted to how little or hard it was raining without me even bothering to touch it. So cool!

One of the weird things about the car was the ability to play music. The car had a ton of USB plugs for us to charge and use our phones which was great but for some reason it didn't want us to use Spotify. It was so crazy!

Sydney and I would plug in and turn on our music (in Spotify) which would randomly shut off and be overtaken by our iTunes. We have no idea why but after a couple times wrestling with it going back and forth (like 15 times), we won the good fight and got to listen to our music for 30+ minutes at a time. 

That is until it got shut off again hahah. We should have just given in! Does anyone actually still have up to date music on their iTunes? Mine is full of teen bop 2000's music that I'm embarrassed I paid money to download.

Thankfully our trip out to the Hamptons and back was great weather so we were able to open the sun roof and roll down the windows. It was nice to enjoy having a car again! I was actually really sad putting it back into the garage at the end of the night Sunday. I didn't want it to go!

You can read all out our weekend in the Hamptons here!

Here's a full picture of the beauty:

So I've never owned a Cadillac myself but I'm pretty sure after this experience I might need to look into one. What do we think?! Has anyone else driven this car and loved it as much as I did??

This post was in no way sponsored but, Cadillac did loan me the car for the weekend upon my request. This post was just me wanting to share my honest thoughts and reviews on the car (just like all other posts). 

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