Travel Tuesday: Southampton

If you remember two weekends ago I traveled east to Southampton with Sydney for some time with Country Club Prep. Hope you enjoy my weekend recap!


I left work after a half-day and met up with Sydney (who had just arrived in the city) and we were off to the Hamptons! Cadillac gratefully loaned us a car for the weekend to drive (more on that tomorrow) and it was the best way to get out of the city. I so miss having a car!

To give you a little background, one of my best friends (Amanda) from college works for Country Club Prep and they just opened up a store in Southampton. So she decided to host a blogger day at her house for local bloggers to come and experience the Hamptons and learn more about the company and store.

Since I love to get away, you know I had to make it a weekend :) I called Sydney and told her to block off a weekend so we could party in the Hamptons. Let it be said, let it be done!

We got in late Friday night and went to grab a quick bite for dinner after catching up at the house. After dinner, we met Andrew back at the house (he drove in later in the day) and proceeded to get ready for the blogger day. I mainly inflated the pool floats and laid on them with Sydney. 


Saturday we woke up early to set up for the party. One thing that has always been Amanda's M.O. is party planning. She is so creative and always knows how to throw a party! I was seriously amazed at all the stuff she did to set up. She literally thought of everything! Look at these photos:

Once everyone arrived we got the party started out by the pool. At the beginning of the day the sun was peaking in and out and it wasn't too hot which I thought was perfect. It was so great to catch up with my friends, grill and eat lots (and lots) of goodies.

Blogger Event, Country Club Prep

It was also great to have some vendors from the store at the party. One of my favorites specifically was Mahi Gold. I've loved them for a long time (see their dress here and top here). I can't start to tell you how comfortable their dresses are. They're stretchy but won't ever lose shape, they're form-fitting without being tight and they come in the best prints and colors!

Below I'm wearing the Paradise Parade in the Hydrangea print:

(I had so many outfit changes for the party, don't judge me)

Country Club Prep

In the afternoon it started to rain (booooo) but that's the Hamptons. It rains out of nowhere and then goes in and out for the rest of the day. Sadly it rained for most of the day but we totally made the most of it! 

We hung inside and kept drinking. We played a few drinking games (duh) and then the girls who weren't in town for the weekend headed back to the city. Since we were staying for the weekend, Sydney, Katie and I went to visit the store and meet up with a couple blog readers!

The store was basically my dream closet of all things preppy and I was just making a list of what I wanted to buy and laughing at what I already had (see: dress I'm wearing/one above my head). 

After we spent a couple hours in the store (I mean, I reallllyyy loved it there) we went to dinner around the corner at Paul's Italian. After dinner we learned how to whip and Nae Nae and then went out on the town. Only those of you who follow along on Snapchat saw how glorious that all was. 

Sunday was the day we really were able to explore the town. Our first stop was at the Golden Pear for breakfast. IT WAS SO GOOD. It was the perfect place to just stop and grab a bite to eat. They also have locations in Bridgehampton and East Hampton so make sure to stop by if you're ever in town!

Next was Tate's Bake Shop (literally down the street from the Golden Pear). Sydney kept talking about how much she loved Tate's cookies and wouldn't stop mentioning it so of course we had to go. Of course the cookies did not disappoint. I mean, do they ever?!

After the bakery we stopped by Duck Walk Vineyard to (literally) take some photos. It was so pretty!! It also wasn't open yet so I'll be sure to go back next time I'm up there!

(Dress from Calypso)

Next stop was to explore East Hampton. We shopped around and of course stopped to get some Ice Cream at Scoop Du Jour. Hint: get the strawberry + waffle cone. It was so yummy!

After walking around and shopping some more (they seriously had ever shop there) we went further east to Amagansett to Lunch. Yes, we had lunch at Lunch hahaha.

It was so crazy because there was nothing around this place! You just drive for about 30 minutes till you see a little place on the side of the road. It was actually pretty cool!

Plus the place WAS SO CUTE! I want to go back and take a thousand photos. It was all so patriotic and so so cute. Plus it didn't hurt that the lobster roll was delicious! Definitely worth the drive out there if you're in town!

After Lunch we packed up and headed back to the city. We were expecting the traffic to be really really bad since it was Sunday but there wasn't any! It was crazy so when we realized we were going to get back to the city early, we decided to take a detour to West Hampton! 

So what's so weird about the weather in the Hamptons is that it can literally be blue skies one minute and grey and cloudy the next -- very confusing! All day it was on and off but when we got to West Hampton the sky literally opened up and we were in business. I mean look at that sky:

We drove down the peninsula in West Hampton and found a spot to park near the beach. I can't even explain to you how beautiful it was on the beach. The houses were jaw dropping (duh) but the sky was something out of a painting. 

It was the perfect way to end the weekend and I can't wait to go back soon! Has anyone else been to the Hamptons? I need more recommendations for when I go back!

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