Bike Riding on the West Side Highway

NYC Bike Ride
I told you it would be a quick turnaround for this shirt! I wore it last weekend and the weekend before and I'm not sorry about it. I will probably even wear it to work tomorrow, so ... yolo. 


bike riding west side highway
orange gingham shorts
white canvas perry top sider women
orange gingham shorts
bike rental NYC west side
gingham shorts
White Top (only $48) / Gingham Shorts (only $45) / White Sperry Shoes $59

Anyway, like I mentioned in this post, Andrew and I played tourist last weekend and rented bikes to ride up and down the West Side Highway. OH MY GOSH was it so so so beautiful. 

I've always lived on the west side (#WestSideBestSide) and loved driving up and down the water but it was a whole new ballgame biking the path. Did you know the bike path goes all the way around the city?

We rode from the bike rental shop (which is amazing and you should check them out) in the West Village down to Battery Park and back up into the 40s (the only people that will understand that sentence are people who live in the city). 

I seriously had the very best time and it makes me want my own bike so much more! I think I would take it out every day if I could. I should really look into that...

It was also the most perfect day out so that really helped as well. I wish I could have just taken you all with me so you could understand how special the adventure was! If you're ever in the city, make it a priority to ride bikes up and down the west side. 

IF you're still with me after my ranting and raving about the bike ride, welcome and thanks. Now onto the outfit. I wanted something casual and spring-y and these gingham shorts did not disappoint!

They're super lightweight and airy which was so clutch when riding. And I've never, ever been one to wear orange but I think these totally suit me. What do we think? 


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