What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

BB Dakota 'Charlotte' Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress
BB Dakota 'Charlotte' Lace Dress
what to wear to a summer wedding
dress for summer wedding guest
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blue lace shift dress

It's officially summertime and you know what that means ... LOTS of summer weddings. As a good friend and stylish guest, I thought I would pick out some wonderful dresses for you to wear on your friend's big day.

This dress is of course my favorite. It's simple, conservative, airy and it screams summer. My number one rule for dressing for weddings (besides "don't wear white") is to keep it simple. No fuss, nothing loud and always classic.

Other fun wedding dress ideas for summer weddings are my strapless floral dress (perfect for outdoor HOT weddings), my pink rose dress and the dress I wore to derby!

ALSO, side note, wedding dresses and graduation dresses are easily interchangeable. They're around the same level of style and dress. So if you see yourself more at a graduation than a wedding, this dress is also perfect for it too!


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