Weekend Reading 4/12

Been a hot minute since I did a weekend reading! 

Looks of the week:
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1. I love connecting with all of you via snapchat! For those who aren't already following, today will be an exciting day so make sure to tune in! Username: kristalinn14

2. Hung out at Cynthia Rowley on Thursday (picked up a pretty dress for the derby!) and fell in love with some other items.... This scallop skirt, this crop sweater and this pink dress!

3. Pineapple pom pom shorts. Under $20. You're welcome. 

4. I shouldn't have (whoops) but I just snagged these (amaaaazzzinnnnggg) heels on sale the other day. 

5. Shooting this dress today for next week and I'M PUMPED. 

6. Henri Bendel is stepping up their game with their spring bags. Brb drooling over this fringe one and this red one #getinmycloset

7. Finally (I know) downloaded Spotify! If you wanted to listen to my "April Jams" playlist, here it is for you!

8. I'm off to visit the Barbour on Madison today and I already have my eyes on the prize. The prize of course being this new jacket

9. I've been really getting into the Masters this year. If you haven't already, check out this Nike commercial--- the hype (and the tears) are real people!

10. What do we think about these jelly sandals


  1. Love your posts as always!


  2. Those heels are gorgeous! Love the caged style and in white. The red Henri Bendel is gorgeous and such a statement piece. Actually I really like the sandals, the chain style is really cool and perfect for the beach as they can get wet :)


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