Trend: Jelly Sandals

Has anyone else picked up on the trend of the jelly sandals?! I feel like I'm seeing them everywhere and the 90's child in me is begging for a pair. Who else rocked the jelly sandals when they were in elementary school? Those were my glory days...

Anyways, I rounded up my favorite paris of jelly sandals out right now. Happy Sunday!

Jelly Sandals


  1. I love jelly sandals! These are all so cute!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. Love these, my favourites are the orange Tory Burch and the white bow ones, mainly because I prefer V sandals :)

  3. Oh I loved Jellies! When I was 5 I'd wear them until I had blisters, my feet would sweat and they'd finally fall apart! Of course that was back when they looked like cages for feet. These are a lot cuter and more comfortable I'm sure!


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