Leith Printed Mini Dress and Tory Burch Pineapple Sandals

Leith Printed Mini Dress, Tory Burch Pineapple Sandals
Tory Burch Pineapple Sandals, Pineapple Sandals, Pineapple Accessories

Can you guess my favorite color?! Sometimes you just need a flowy summer dress that you want to throw on and head out the door. This is that dress! Its so freaking comfortable and I can literally eat a cow and still feel good hahah. The colors and the print are amazing. I mean this just screams summer! The best part about it is the price. I'm all for a $50 dress. Holla at cha girl.

Of course I had to pair this dress with my mirrored sunglasses! The newest additions are these pineapple sandals. HOW CUTE ARE THEY!? Ugh I l-o-v-e them, but they're selling out everywhere! Thankfully I found one store that has all sizes left :) Get them while you can!


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