Weekend Reading 3/14


Oh man it's been a hot minute since I did a weekend reading! Where has the time gone? Hope everyone had a great week-- I'm amazed at how quickly it went by.

1. Are we friends on snapchat? I love connecting with you guys on there! Such a fun and personal way to reach out to you all. Add me @ kristalinn14

2. KENTUCKY IS 32-0!! Wooooooooooooo

3. Loving this marble look clutch.

4. You hoping on this tassel train

5. I'm heading to Phoenix next weekend and I've already started collecting some warm weather items. Can't wait to wear this dress and this halter!

6. One of my favorite preppy retailers is having a 20% off sale right now! Time to stock up on some Barbour and pretty dresses :)

7. Loving Katie's new apartment! I saw it last weekend and it's just as fabulous as it is online. 

8. Will someone who loves me buy me this purse

9. Went to dinner with Grace the other week-- already looking forward to seeing her again! Such a sweet sweet girl!

10. Guys, I have a problem. As you know, I bought these shoes and I l-o-v-e them. And now I just bought them in black. They are seriously that great. NYC streets approved-- and that says a lot! 


  1. Happy Weekend!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. Hey! Just a heads up that your picture seems to keep breaking. I checked on two devices, so I don't think it's just on my end.

    Loving your snapchat :D

  3. Like Elsie, the picture is showing up broken for me too :/ ...I am still trying to pick a tassel I like! So many look good from far away, but then kind "eh" /not polished up close. Am I crazy? haha
    Meg of An Affair of Character


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