Saint James Neige-Marine Shirt

Saint James Neige-Marine Shirt

Oh springggg where art thou? I’m trying to make spring happen people! The white pants have officially been broken out and I’m wearing them all the time. What are ya going to do about it? I’m just left here wondering if New York will take note of my spring attire and button up its attitude and give me some warm weather. Like what cha doin there buddy? It’s almost April, get it together.

On another note, I finally bought a Saint James top. I know I know it’s only been foreverrr since I said I’d get one but I just finally did it. I was worried it was just going to be another stripe top but boy was I wrong it’s so much more! The shirt just fits so nicely and is so crisp. I’m already dreaming about the days when I can wear this bad boy with some white shorts. Give me warm weather or give me death bed!


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