English Factory Peplum Sweater Vest

English Factory Peplum Sweater Vest

I'll be the first to admit that crop tops aren't my strong suit but I just love them so dearly I can't seem to stray away. When I saw this little crop top sweater vest I immediately thought it would look great with an oxford underneath it. I love when you buy something and already have a way to wear it. It makes life a whole lot easier. 

So I paired my white RL oxford underneath the sweater vest and I was off to work. I always love work and play appropriate clothing. Bonus points for being extra preppy. I mean, who do you know that wears sweater vests? For $44 I just couldn't pass it up! I added my pointy toe wedge booties to give my legs a little extra length since I cut my torso short with the top. I think it worked out pretty well!


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