Sail to Sable Captain Cabbage Dress

Sail to Sable Captain Cabbage Dress

Sad news ... this is the last look from the cruise to the Bahamas. Looking at these photos make me want to go back so badly. This look was what I wore on our day trip to Atlantis. The wind was really bad so they ended up shutting down the main beach due to waves, but we found a little lagoon that was the perfect spot. 

The sun was beating down, the water wasn't too cold and we were close to a bar! It was also nice since we got there so early that there was really no one (AKA kids) around. We had the place to ourselves for a couple of uninterrupted hours.

You may remember this dress from my trip to Grand Cayman. The warm weather just begs for this dress to come out! And like I've done before, it begs to be near (or in) the water. 

I just love the colors on this dress and how soft it is! Perfect for the land-to-sand look if you ask me. What do you think?


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