Plaid Ruffle Woven Top - Valentines Look

what to wear for valentine's day
Plaid Ruffle Woven Top
Pearl Collar

As some of you may know, I spent this past three-day weekend in Portland, Maine. Andrew booked this trip as a Christmas present but we were also able to celebrate Valentines Day in Portland as well. My original plan was to wear this pink dress for dinner but the weather made sure that didn't happen.

People keep asking how Maine was and all I can really say is it was really freaking cold. Saturday night there was also a little snowstorm so my plans for a dress were nixed. Thankfully I bought this plaid top that was weather appropriate and had a little red in it. 

I paired the top with my new pearl collar necklace and a red lip and I was ready for a night out! My outfit was a little more casual than I was planning on, but if it meant being warm for a night then it was totally worth it!



  1. So I just happened to read your "about me" section yesterday and when I did, I saw the comment from some guy who wanted to see a bunch of pictures of you in plaid shirts. Needless to say, I died laughing... and it endeared me to you for the trials you must go through as a blogger! But when I saw this picture of you in a plaid shirt pop up in my Bloglovin' feed this morning, all I could think of was how happy you've made creepy little blog stalker man. Way to be there for your fans, Krista. :)

  2. Okay, we totally had that creepy guy comment on our blog post asking us for more pictures in plaid shirts, too! I was reading the comment below and getting ready to tell you how much I loved the cut of your plaid top and how great it looked on you when I saw that. He must be a lover of plaid. Ha! Stay warm!

    XO, Jaime

  3. What a cute top! I love plaid!

    Her Heartland Soul

  4. I am in love with that top! too cute


  5. you are literally a superhero for taking these pictures in that cold! but i must say they turned out fantastic and somehow you even look happy!! when i take pictures in the cold i just look so freaking pissed off hahahha.

    though it wasn't what you had planned to wear, it really is a darling look!

    xo mk

  6. Love this look, obsessed with that plaid top and your red lipstick is gorgeous!

    xoxo Nicole


  7. I love that top paired with that necklace! Everything about this outfit is just perfect!


  8. Maine has been extra cold this February! It's on record to be the coldest month ever. Did you go to any really good restaurants in Portland? I usually wear dresses with fleece tights during the winter but it was just too cold to dress up for valentines day this winter.

  9. Love that top! I would think Maine would be pretty chilly this time of year. At least the beauty of the land makes up for it!

  10. I love this plaid top. Gorgeous. And I think the necklace is the perfect additional touch to the ensemble. Stay warm!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  11. Super cute! You always look so elegant and classic with the red lip!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  12. I love that top, it's so flattering on you! Major props to you for braving the cold, I live in Minnesota and sometimes it's too cold here for me to even stand outside all bundled up.


  13. This top is beautiful and looks amazing in the sniw, so appropriate haha. Very flattering and I love the booties you paired it with, they are stunning! :)


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