Multicolor Blanket Cape and Black Skinny Jeans

Happy Monday everyone! This look was one from my suitcase during my getaway to Hilton Head. I actually ended up wearing it twice (1- because I love it so much and 2- because that's what happens when you are stuck in a different city three days longer than expected). The first time was on the flight out and the second was in Charlotte with Caitlin

When I travel I make sure to look cute but be as comfortable as possible. That's where these black jeans come into play. If you know me you know that the only jeans I wear are stretchy ones. I honestly don't even know how people wear anything else! I snagged these black skinnies from Nordstrom (#onlineshopper) last month and have refused to take them off. They are so comfortable and although I was never really big into black jeans, the $64 price tag made it so I couldn't say no.

Nordstrom actually has an impressive selection of denim under $100. And it's becoming my one-stop shop for jean shopping online, which I know sounds a little crazy but hear me out. Nordstrom always has free shipping and free returns. So if something doesn't work out, it's easy to just send it right back. Plussss their customer service is stellar. 

They have an array of styles and colors and I've had my eye on a few other pairs of jeans under $100 like these white ones, these distressed ones and this boyfriend pair. What do we think??

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!


Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!
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