Tips and Tricks for Shopping the Lilly Pulitzer Sale 2015

5 Tips for Shopping the Lilly Pulitzer Sale

It's that time of year again! The Lilly sale!!! Starting Monday, January 5th at 8am EST Lilly will be having a blowout sale. EEEK!

If you've been following along, you'd remember this post from the last sale talking about the best tips for shopping the sale. I got so much wonderful feedback from the post, I thought I would do another updated one!  So here we go: 

You can do that here. Just like before, it's best to sign up/login ahead of time. Things will be crazy the day of and you don't want to miss out because of something so simple! Signing up is easy. You can even connect via social channels. Make sure you also fill out your payment information. It will save more time. You know the drill!

**If you already have an account, make sure everything is up to date! I just checked my account and my credit card was the old one. Eek!**

2. Pre-Shop Around
Great places to find Lilly are Nordstrom, St. Bernard Sports, and Zappos. Also, you can shop at your local signature store (where you might also find some great deals). If you're in-store, you can also try different things on and see what fits you best!

3. Set a Reminder
Set like five of them!! With this sale if you snooze you lose -- no joke. Wake up early and ready to shop. The site will be down in the morning, but lucky you -- you're already signed in, and you just have to keep refreshing for 15 minutes. Everything is going to go quickly!

 4. Refine Your Search & Be Quick
When the sale is up, refine everything by your size. That way you know that you're item is in stock and ready to be bought! Reminder: you have to fully purchase your item, not just hold it. Things aren't reserved if they're in your bag! So find what you want, buy and then keep shopping.

5. Read and Inform Yourself
Lilly has a GREAT list of tips and tricks for shopping the sale. I would definitely read them and re-read them. Tips from the wonderful ladies themselves seem to be the best!

Other Tips:
-Use your desktop if you can, but all devices are welcome
-Check your order status here to make sure it went through
-Don't freak out when the site is down. If it's down for you, it's down for everyone else.
-Remember this isn't life or death. Relax and have a fun time.
-Follow Lilly on Instagram and Twitter for flash sales!
-Make room in your closet
-Have FUN!

See my last Lilly sale purchase here.

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