Mara Hoffman Embroidered Swing Dress

Parrot Dress
Mara Hoffman Embroidered Swing Dress

Happy Monday, friends! I'm back for what will be called (by myself only) the three days of Mara Hoffman. As I finish up publishing outfit photos from my trip, I see a wonderful theme containing the same beautiful designer. As we start today, I wanted to show off this embroidered swing dress (first seen here).

This dress truly speaks for itself with the original embroidery on the front. I paired the dress with the beach and the rising sun while leaving the makeup and shoes at home. I love the ease of this dress. The open back and simple white cotton fabric balances the heavy embroidery on top. (I was a fan of not having to worry about not wearing a bra!)

And major shoutout to Andrew for taking these pictures! Bravo, sir. They are quite amazing. We snapped these pictures on our exploration of the west side of the island. This little deserted (for the time) part of the beach was the very tip of Seven Mile Beach.


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