Colorblock Poncho Wool Cape

Colorblock Poncho Wool Cape
Colorblock Poncho Wool Cape

Let's get some things straight before I start:
Poncho = sweater with no sides and a "head hole" (think fiesta)
Cape = something you drape over your shoulders (like a superhero)
Shawl/Wrap = ties/closes in the front (think DVF)

Not going to lie, layering is my favorite thing about winter. A turtleneck/cape combo is the best thing ever because you can have fun with textures and colors while also being ridiculously warm in the 20-degree weather. I'm over (for the most part) pretending the fah-reezing cold weather doesn't bother me when I take pictures in warm weather clothes. 

Besides the cape, let's talk about my shoe/sock game going on right now. So I've noticed this trend of over the knee boots and I'll be honest when I say that I've tried it before. Oh you've never seen them on here? Yes, that's right because my thighs look like little sausages when I tried them on! I've tried to hop on the trend because I genuinely like it but my legs are like, "LOL naw" when I do. After discovering the loose boots were the problem and not my legs, I found an alternative. 

The problem was the smallest part of my leg (my ankles) were engulfed by the boot and made me look big from top to bottom. So I was on the search for boots that were tight all the way up. I tried the 50/50 boots but they reached my weirdly shaped knees and that wasn't going to work. So I tried out the lowland boots which were actually amazing. The price however was not. (This is where my bank account stepped in and was like, "LOL naw.")

So I decided (before I take the plunge to buy) to try and recreate the look with my own at-home tools: boots and thigh high socks. I didn't hate the look so that's the first step but now I need advice/comments from YOU. What do we think? Can I pull of the thigh high look? Should I invest in the boots? Stick with the socks? Trash the whole look? HALP!



  1. hahah "LOL naw" for real, that's what my thighs say too. I like it on you though! I bet you could find a pair that works, although it would be great if the SW just worked because they are so beautiful.

  2. i tried on the lowlands a few weekends ago and gahhh they are perfect!! the price is so NOT though and matt told me that i was insane and absolutely could not have them.

    that being said, when i first saw these pics i thought that's what you were wearing and i was like "man, krista is rocking those lowlands!" i think you could definitely pull them off! i still don't know if they are worth it (they are just SO MUCH) but if you decide to take the plunge, i am confident that they would look fabulous on you.

    xo mary-katherine

  3. I would buy the lowland boots in a heartbeat if I could! They are a ton of money, but so gorgeous and flattering!


  4. The lowlands are to die for. But SUCH an investment. I honestly had to do a double take on the socks!! I really didnt notice at first. So my vote is go for it!!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  5. Like the look, but not with the booties and the socks. Trouble is...you tried the Lowlands on...and now no other pair will ever measure up. I would try searching high and low for an alternative, and in the meantime, put them on your wishlist and snag them when they go on sale or wait for a shopbob friends and family event. I wouldn't splurge on a pair of shoes you will only get a few uses per season out of...

  6. I honestly did not notice they were socks until you mentioned it. Get them!! Then I can live vicariously through you :)

    xo, Lauren

  7. I think it looks good with these booties, because I initially didn't realize you were actually wearing socks & booties! Quite a good camouflage haha. I would say just keep looking, Winter is almost over anyway (at least I'm hoping it is!) so you could search for the perfect pair in the meantime. Or just save up for these you liked :) Love the look, reminds me of Olivia Palermo :)

  8. I am a big fan of your blog...and I love your style choices. However, I'm not a fan of this look (the sock/bootie part of the look, I mean). I think there are certain body types that carry off the over the knee boot look, but honestly, it is a trend that most can't/won't do, and will probably be "out" before we know it. My vote is to "trash the whole look"...because you have so many other more flattering choices. I wouldn't buy the boots, even on sale...because if you're going to buy boots now, they should be something you will get years of wear out of (in my opinion)...they are still expensive (even on sale) and take up valuable closet space!

  9. this is darling! love the boots and cape!

    xoxo, Preeti


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