Colorblock Poncho Wool Cape

Colorblock Poncho Wool Cape
Colorblock Poncho Wool Cape

Let's get some things straight before I start:
Poncho = sweater with no sides and a "head hole" (think fiesta)
Cape = something you drape over your shoulders (like a superhero)
Shawl/Wrap = ties/closes in the front (think DVF)

Not going to lie, layering is my favorite thing about winter. A turtleneck/cape combo is the best thing ever because you can have fun with textures and colors while also being ridiculously warm in the 20-degree weather. I'm over (for the most part) pretending the fah-reezing cold weather doesn't bother me when I take pictures in warm weather clothes. 

Besides the cape, let's talk about my shoe/sock game going on right now. So I've noticed this trend of over the knee boots and I'll be honest when I say that I've tried it before. Oh you've never seen them on here? Yes, that's right because my thighs look like little sausages when I tried them on! I've tried to hop on the trend because I genuinely like it but my legs are like, "LOL naw" when I do. After discovering the loose boots were the problem and not my legs, I found an alternative. 

The problem was the smallest part of my leg (my ankles) were engulfed by the boot and made me look big from top to bottom. So I was on the search for boots that were tight all the way up. I tried the 50/50 boots but they reached my weirdly shaped knees and that wasn't going to work. So I tried out the lowland boots which were actually amazing. The price however was not. (This is where my bank account stepped in and was like, "LOL naw.")

So I decided (before I take the plunge to buy) to try and recreate the look with my own at-home tools: boots and thigh high socks. I didn't hate the look so that's the first step but now I need advice/comments from YOU. What do we think? Can I pull of the thigh high look? Should I invest in the boots? Stick with the socks? Trash the whole look? HALP!


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