What to Wear for New Years Eve in New York

What to Wear for New Years Eve in New York

When it comes to New Year's Eve in New York there are two sides: the "omg I lovvvveeee NYE in NYC" and "get me the f out of here." When I first moved here, I was all about number one. I was so excited to see what the city had to offer and really experience the official new year. 

What to Wear for New Years Eve in New York
What to Wear for New Years Eve in New York
What to Wear for New Years Eve in New York
Sequin Dresses
Dress (similar here and here -- gold option here) | Tights | Wedges (similar) | Lipstick | Earrings | Watch

After that night, I've moved to number two. Although, don't get me wrong, everyone should experience New Year's Eve in the city. It's a very cool experience and it's something that you'll remember forever. This year however, I'll be out of the country! Did I get far enough away?

A few things I learned from last year: dress warmer and wear comfortable shoes. Of course everyone is trying to be all sexy, but you can be sexy with sleeves! Take for example, this dress. It's classy and stylish while also fitting the theme with the (really soft) sequins. You also gotta break out the tights! Tis the season for tights (never thought I'd be saying that). New York has really changed me, man. I used to loathe tights but now I see the need and they're growing on me.

Once you have that covered, it's time for comfortable shoes. My go-tos are always wedges and in the winter it's wedge booties. They are a LOT more comfortable and you're able to wear socks to keep your toes warm. Although if this outfit told me anything, it's that I need to invest in navy booties. Maybe we'll discuss that tomorrow?

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  1. Ooooh, I work on 6th and 43rd and I'm taking off on NYE JUST so I don't encounter the crowds. But I love this look - definitely something I would love to wear for a party!

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