How to Take Amazing Instagram Photos

How to Take Amazing Instagram Photos
(photo taken on an iPhone, but just showing off the camera!)

I get asked a lot about my everyday camera and I thought since I use it so much I would share it with you all in a post! I currently have a Samsung NX300m and this is the camera I carry with me every day (my Canon 60D is for blog photos). It's a powerful little thing and I really love it. I originally purchased it because I wanted to take high quality instagram photos, but I've found I use it more in situations when my iPhone just can't do the job. 

What I love about this camera (other than the fact that it's powerful and easily portable) is that it takes great shots in a ton of different settings. I especially love what it can do at night (see below). My iPhone is always so blurry and/or grainy at night which can be really frustrating. I love to use it at events or when I'm out and about exploring the city.

The other features on this camera that I love are the built-in WiFi (so you can upload photos straight to your phone), the flip screen (so you can selfie) and the "creative shot" feature where the camera does it's own fun thing and creates an artsy shot of it's own. Did I mention that it's amazing with video? I filmed this vid on my Samsung camera! 

I highly recommend this camera for yourself or anyone you know that is into photography, looking for a new camera, or a blogger like myself! Most of the time you can find a good price on Amazon (it's on sale now!) or eBay.

Shots from my Instagram taken with this camera!

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