2014 Travel

2014 has been a great year for travel. Here's a brief look back on the trips documented on the blog over the past year. Looking forward to many more in 2015!

Dallas: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3

Washington, DC: Day 1 / Day 2

As you're reading this, I'm currently on my last/first trip of 2014/2015. I'm in Grand Cayman with Andrew celebrating the new year. I will blog when I can. Be sure to follow along on Instagram (#ctbtravels) to see all my up-to-date shots! 

Happy New Year's Eve!!


  1. such a fun year!! have so much fun on your trip, jealous of your warm weather!

    xo mk

  2. What a fun year! I would love to go to the Kentucky Derby one day!

  3. You picked just a WONDERFUL picture from Saint Louis!


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