What to Wear to a Work Holiday Party

For those of you fellow workers like myself, office holiday parties can be a bit stressful. Why? Because you never know what to wear. I mean, I think I'm pretty good at finding outfits for different events but even I get a little nervous trying to think of something work appropriate that also is fitting for a party. I came up with three easy rules to live by as a code of conduct for your office party...

What to Wear to a work holiday party

1. Wear something you'd be able to wear to work.
Even though you're technically not at work, you're still at work. You don't want to be showing off things you'd normally hide in the office and this isn't a New Years party with all of your friends. The thing about being around work people, close friends or not, is that you'll always be around work. 

2. Caution on the side of conservative.
99% of the time if you're asking a friend if your outfit is too risky for a work party, it usually is. If you're going back and forth with, "Is this too short? Tight? Revealing? Low?" or anything else, you shouldn't wear it. Re-read No. 1 as to why.

3. Let your accessories make your outfit. 
Holiday parties are fun! It's also a time to spruce up your look (without breaking rules No. 1 or 2) and I think that can be done with fun accessories like a statement necklace or earrings (but never both), a couple of fun bracelets, and lipstick.

Easy enough, right? That's where I found inspiration for this look. I love to wear lots of red and gold around the holidays and some fun sequins here and there for the more special events! So this elephant skirt and red top were sure to be mine the moment I saw them. Sure it's a little early to start planning, but I know it will sneak up on me before I know it. I'll actually be sharing three holiday looks this week so be sure to stay tuned!


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