Weekend Reading 11/29

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1. Finally pulled out the vintage Patagonia and lucky for you all, I found one that's IDENTICAL to this! Can I get a woot woot?

2. How cute is Katie's new video? I need her to come on over and do my hair.

3. Did a little damage yesterday... I picked up this sequin dress, this J. Crew skirt, this sequin dress (hey, New Years is coming up...), this whale dish and this cactus ring holder.

4. Speaking of New Years, remember this post from fashion week? My dress is now on sale and would be PERFECT for the New Year!

5. Holla at cha girl-- I'm in a magazine!

6. I found the cutest pink feather top the other day (see it on here).

7. I have a problem that I'd like to admit... It's kind of a long story, but Pandora was playing this really good song and I went to see who it was (as I was jamming out) and it happened to be One Direction (collective ugh). But I loved it so much I couldn't turn away (song: Steal My Girl). So when the music video came out you know I had to watch it. Then from there I was like WTF what is the obsession with these children? So I started to watch more videos to try and figure it out. There were a few times they were cute but overall I'm like, "heck no-- walk away Krista." The blondie did catch my attention though... Now I find myself watching all their new videos to see him and I hate to admit that I'm now a fan girl of the blonde. Although I refuse to learn his name!

8. Time doesn't pass in blog land but I just took an hour break to watch more One Direction videos. To say I'm happy upset with my life would be correct.

9. I would loveeee if you followed along on Bloglovin!

10. Sales still going on over the weekend:

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