Weekend Reading 10/29

Fall Fashion Looks
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1. Have you noticed that I'm posting twice a day now? I like to create graphics (like this sneakers one or this leather leggings one) because they're easy to make and fun to post about. But do you guys like them? I know they're a little different!

2. My Tory Burch passport holder came in this week and I'm already itching to use it in December for our trip!

3. I've been using this Origins under-eye cream for about a month now and I see a major difference! I also love that it has a shimmer to it, brightening your under-eye right away.

4. Ummm, how cute is my friend Sydney?! I seriously need this sweater NOW.

5. Have you seen C. Wonder's new arrivals? They have some great pieces for fall and winter and I might have already stocked up on some ;)

6. I made a "personal" Instagram (although it's not private) just because I like to post pictures of dumb things. You can follow if you're into that haha @kristarobertson14

7. I got this wrap in this week and have worn it everyday since (seriously, it's cold in the office). But I love it and it goes with everything.

8. Thanks for the great response on my Tips for Working and Blogging!

9. In the market for an inexpensive bar cart? I have one for you here!

10. I NEED YOUR HELP! Answer me this: When do you start shopping for Christmas?

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