LL Bean Shawl Wrap

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Before I get into the outfit, let's start with a funny story. So I get this new wrap in from LL Bean and I love it. I wear it to work and step into the social room and a guy says, "Are you wearing a blanket?" to which I roll my eyes. These boys know nothing about clothes! Wait a week, wear it again. Walk by a friend in the office and he says, "Nice poncho." Try again. Go into a meeting later and a writer looks at me confused and asks, "Are you wearing a snuggie?" To which I laugh and tell him no. 

Kids these days, right?! This is a wrap. I can see how it can get confusing to boys, but this is a wrap. It's technically not a poncho because it opens in the front. Sure it resembles a blanket, but then I show them the cut of the wrap and set them straight. Mind you they lost interest after I said "no it's a…" Gone. 

No matter what you call it, I love it. It's the perfect thing just to throw on and be comfortable in. Sure they're a little hard to style at first, but I always make sure to wear it with three quarter or long sleeves whether it's a shirt or a dress. Here I paired it with boots and jeans, this weekend I paired it with a turtleneck and leather gloves, and today at work I paired it with a flowy dress. I'm quite amazed at how versatile this wrap is! The plaid is also perfect for me because it's subtle and the grey color is an awesome neutral for winter. 


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