Gift Guide: Wine Lover

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Today's gift guide is dedicated to my sister (who also came up with the name "Grape Goddess"). She loves wine more than anyone I know and as I was shopping the other day, I realized that there are so many cool gifts to give someone who enjoys the finer things in life. The gifts above are for your sisters, moms or girlfriends this holiday season. What better way to celebrate than over a glass of red wine? All the gifts above are under $100 (except for the bar cart that's only $30 over) and perfect to help someone start their collection, help in their obsession or continue in their passion. 

The rough day wine glasses are probably my favorite thing mentioned above. Those lines make me laugh! The most creative is the bathtub wine holder (which is also brilliant). My steal for the day are the dotted wine glasses from Kate Spade. They look so similar to Olivia's wine glasses on Scandal with the long stem. A great gift addition would be the wine bags. Bringing over a bottle for dinner? Pack it up in a cute little bag.  They're only $8!

My sister also told me to include (after I made this graphic of course) the corkcicle and a wine pump. Both are obviously necessities and are still under $20!


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