Gift Guide: For Me!

Gift Guide For Me

The BF asked for a gift guide of things I wanted and here they are! It's a blessing (and a curse for others) that most of the things on my "want list" I usually just buy over time with money saved up. I love finding a good deal and I always treat my major accomplishments well. The bad side of things is that the rest of my want list is $$$$ which isn't ideal for those trying to buy me things! Either way, here is my Christmas list to Santa and all others who want to know. 

My number one is probably a new lens for my camera and for the blog. I've researched for a while now and this is the one I want! Aside from that, I always choose experiences over things. I love to travel and everyone knows that. When Andrew and I started dating I told him, "don't buy me anything -- take me somewhere." And I still mean it. The places we've been are always some of my favorite memories and I can't wait to go on more adventures.

For my family: Dittie, I still would like the helicopter ride and to my parents, my five-year-old Macbook is dying. That is all! 

your sister/daughter. 
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