C. Wonder New Arrivals

After the Marathon yesterday, I found myself checking out C. Wonder in Columbus Circle. It's always so dangerous when I go into that store let me tell you. They literally have everything I never thought I needed haha. Don't you love/hate that problem? Not only did they have the cutest little home goodies but their clothes and shoe selection was on point! Might have left with a few goodies, but you'll have to check back later this week to see what I got :)

P.S. Right now they're having a 30% off sale so check it out! Annnd my secret trick is you always get 20% off when you share an item. Um helloooo do it every time!


  1. I loooooove my City Girl slippers! Loving your picks.

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. I totally agree! C.Wonder is so dangerous because I feel like I need everything when in fact I probably don't need anything. Love your picks, I have been eyeing that white shirt as well and I love all of their home goods!



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