Black Watch Plaid

How lame does it make me if I say I'm "mad for plaid?" If you're cool with it, I'm cool with it. Black watch plaid, which I also say is tartan (yolo if I'm blatantly wrong), has been popping up all over my radar recently. It started with blazers, then it moved onto pants (which I don't think my butt can fit into) to dresses. Although, I am eyeing those loafers! Anyway, I love the print. It's great for winter and I can see it going so well with a good cream cable knit sweater. I might have snatched up this Ralph Lauren dress as I was writing this post so you might see it on the blog next week! 

If you're really in love with it like I am, I found it here on sale! Didn't link it above because they have a limited quanity.

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