Travel Tuesday: Popolopen Gorge

J. McLaughlin Flannel $148 c/o (similar) // Grey V-Neck $25 // Pants $68 // Hiking Boots $135 // Movado Watch $150 c/o // Ray-Ban Sunglasses $150

On Saturday, Andrew and I went on a hike to Popolopen Gorge. I have a fall to-do list and hiking to see fall foliage was No. 1, so I'm glad we were able to do it before it got too late. I used to hike all the time with my friends in college at the Red River Gorge but ever since I moved to NYC, I never had the chance. I mean, Andrew and I have been trying to hike for a year now.

We had a great time and a great hike! The view at the top was amazing. The gorge was close to West Point, which was cool because off in the distance you could see the school. There was also a little memorial called the Popolopen Torne. Hikers can bring their own rock from the bottom of the mountain to the top and add to it.

As eager as you all are to hear more about my hike, I'll switch gears and talk about my outfit starting with the boots. A good hiking boot, along with being comfortable, consists of two things: good ankle support and a good tread. With that, you're ready for your hike!

It was also a little chilly out so I made sure to wear layers. A simple v-neck with a flannel over it was perfect (and stylish) for the hike. And of course, you want comfortable pants! Nothing that can rip and that are breathable. My go-to are always my yoga pants :)


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