Weekend Reading 10/25


1. Tory Burch is having an amazing sale right now -- be sure to shop! Sale ends Monday.

2. Speaking of Tory Burch, have you checked out her new book? It's huge and I want it.

3. Speaking of new books, Kate Spade also came out with a killer one.

4. Did you see my Barbour video? I lol every time I watch it. 

5. How soon is too soon to start thinking and blogging about Christmas? I'm a freak and shop really early but I don't want to freak you all out!

6. I'm not a fan of rompers, but I'm pretty sure I need this one.

8. Just got this watch in during the week. It has yet to leave my wrist. 

9. My tips for working + blogging are coming to a computer screen near you TOMORROW (for real this time). 

10. I'm thinking about writing a post about LiketoKnow.it. Should I? What is your opinion of LTK? Any questions for the post?


  1. I really want to read Tory Burch's book! I've heard it has some great personal touches to it, which just makes me all the more excited to read it.

  2. I shop early, too! If I don't it'll catch up to me and I'll be out on Christmas Eve!

    Q about LiketoKnow - I don't use it because I'm not really sure how it works and am wary of getting a million emails, but I'm curious about the structure. How do they have so many bloggers using it? I guess I'm curious what the incentive is on the other side.



  3. I loathe LTK. I don't want another email just because I "liked" a picture. I get that's it's probably redundant to reply back to the many people who ask the same question but why not just link to @jcrew? Is it just another way to earn money but on a different social media platform? Because that's exactly how it comes across.


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