Weekend Reading 10/11

1. I'm in Baltimore for the weekend with my mom! Any suggestions on things to do or places to see let me know down below!

2. I'm not huge on the fur vest trend, but if I did get one, it would be this.

3. Snagged this wrap the other day and I'm in love. Currently wearing it now... 

4. Did you catch my new video for the apartment tour series?

5. 20% off Barbour? Sign me up! (Don't let the pounds scare you -- they ship for free to the US and they're SO fast!!)

6. Excited for Thomas and his new blog! Looking forward to lots of photography tips!

7. Went to dinner with Katie and J. McLaughlin this week and captured this amazinggggg shot on the Jimmy rooftop at sunset.

8. I love this post from Mackenzie.. I want to go everywhere on her list! Andrew and I just booked our New Year's trip (hint: it's somewhere warm) and we're pumped.

9. Was able to see Jesse J perform at the Lord and Taylor x William Rast event Wednesday. Casual, right?

10. Blogging + having a full-time job is coming at ya tomorrow. Be sure follow along on Bloglovin for new posts!

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