Splurge vs Steal: Burberry Poncho

So I've been obsessing over this Burberry poncho after seeing it on the ever so fabulous OP. What I wasn't so in love with was the price tag. $1,000+ for this? Nahhh.

Thankfully for my wallet (and yours) I saw this poncho online and my jaw dropped. It's like the exact same thing (if not really close to it) and I think I want to get it. I'm loving ponchos right now (if you remember from my travel post). I also think I'm into ones that look like Burberry but aren't... #awk

Ballin on a budget!

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  1. When I saw you posted this on Twitter, I almost died. This is such an amazing look-a-like! I hope the quality is okay though!

    Pink Champagne Problems


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