Ted Baker Peplum Sweater and Jack Rogers Driving Moc

Today's look is one of my go-to's. It's great for everything I do on a day-to-day basis; going to work, meeting friends, walking the city, etc. I hate to say it, but I've become a flats girl #ugh. Before moving to NYC I would rarely wear flats. I thought they looked so gross on my feet. I only put up with my Tory Burch ones because they were cool. But moving here and walking everywhere has really taught me how important good shoes are! If I need to wear heels, I'll pack them in my purse and change before I walk into my destination. Does that make me a real New Yorker? (please say no)

As you know, I'm a lover of Jack Rogers but obviously can't wear them too much in the Fall and Winter. So that's where these driving mocs come in. They have the style and classic stitching of the JR brand but they cover my whole foot and they're sooo comfortable! I'm also loving their new color, but of course I had to go with the navy. They match my new purse (look for a discount code later this week!) #NavyOrNothing!

What helps make this look so versatile is the jewelry. I've been looking for simple earrings that I can wear to work without them being too much but something  I can also wear out. These tassel earrings are just that! They're simple while also making a statement. As I get older, I fall more in love with gold jewelry too and finding a good gold earring is harder than it seems.

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