Travel Tuesday: Headphones

Shirt (on sale) $19 // Jeans $62 // Watch // Headphones $125

These headphones might be one of my favorite travel accessories. I'm a total movie watcher on the plane and I hate when I can't hear what is going on because of too much background noise (i.e. the plane, the crying baby in 10 B or the loud talkers behind me). When I started traveling often, I really found the need for noise-cancelling headphones. I wanted something that would silence those around me and were comfortable enough to fall asleep in. That's where these Audio-Technica headphones came into play.

I got these two(?) Christmases ago from Santa and he was even sweet enough to take my glasses into consideration. The padding makes the headphones so comfortable all around my head -- the top and the sides -- for when I'm sleeping, wearing my glasses or just regularly listening to my music/movie.

When I'm not traveling, I also use them at home. Sometimes when I'm editing videos and really need to focus or just when I really want to hear all the sound quality from the program (it  makes a difference). They're great for all the time.

Pro Tip: Collapsible Headphones
The only negative part about over-the-ear headphones is they're so bulky. There's no good place to put or store them. You want to find headphones that can collapse into themselves and that are easy to travel with (like these). You'll thank me later!

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