NYFW Day 3-5

Welcome to Day 3-5 of my fashion week recap! We're starting off with Saturday before the rewardStyle party. I had a bunch of my blogger friends come over for a pre-party party. We were originally going to have it on my roof, but the weather was NOT cooperative and instead we had it in my building's party lounge. It ended up being perfect for the day and I'm so thankful I have it!

The best part about my day, other than seeing everyone, was being pampered by TheStylisted. They were so generous to come and do everyone's hair and makeup during the party. It was so amazing to have them be able to come to my place and do this! It was also the best feeling in the world to wake up and know all I had to do today to get ready was to shower, throw on a dress and walk downstairs. 

They came with a mini army of two girls each for hair and makeup. This honestly was the best makeover I've ever had! She explained everything so well, she taught me some new tricks and she let me have a say in what the final look was going to be! 

Here's my makeup done for the day. Can I have her come every day?!

Next was on to the hair. I loved my crown braid so much from the day before, I wanted to do it again but this time with a little twist. We ended up opting for milkmaid fishtail braids. She was the BEST at the fishtail. Now I need to learn!

Here's the final look :) Make sure if you live in the city to download and use this app! You won't be disappointed! 
Dress ($68) // Earrings ($28)

Some of the girls from the party. And don't worry, I was just wearing these sneaks because I was running around the whole time! 

Then it was off to the rS party! It was beautifully done and I'm sad I didn't take more pictures. But I was catching up with old friends that I only see twice a year! Of course, I had to hang with my partner in crime, Sydney. We had so much fun last year we had to make round two just as fun. 

After the party, we went to dinner and out for some drinks. All are undocumented except for Snapchat pictures! P.S, are you following along? Add me @ kristalinn14 

Sunday was all about relaxing. Caitlin and I had no plans for the day and that's how we liked it! We slept in a little, then it was off to brunch at Le Grainne Cafe in Chelsea (a personal favorite). 

After that we met my sister for drinks and football at the Mason Jar in Flatiron. 
Shirt ($148) // Clutch ($210) // Sunglasses ($200) // Ring ($130) // Watch ($295) // Shorts ($54) 

After some drinks, we finished the night on my rooftop with take out from across the street. It was a perfect night! 

Now we're onto Monday (where did the weekend go?!) and Caitlin and I are off to meet with Danielle Nicole Handbags (sold here, here and here). Caitlin was flying home later that day and I had work at 10am so we had an early -- but amazing -- meeting. As you know, I love my Danielle Nicole Alexa Mini bag (last seen here) and I was so excited to finally meet her!

We previewed the new collections and let me tell you now -- they're amazing! She was also so sweet and so driven it was really inspiring. The best part about her bags are the fact that they look so expensive, but are so affordable! 

After that, I said goodbye to Caitlin and went to work. Fast forward eight hours and I'm at Jack Rogers previewing their upcoming seasons. Always so good to catch up with Jennifer and all the amazing girls who work there! Such a fun and sweet team. Not to mention I'm like one of Jack Roger's biggest supporters and fans (read: too many shoes!). Of course, I loved everything. There is a blue bag that I'm already dreaming about and some scallop boots that need to be on my feet ASAP!

After JR, I rushed uptown in a Uber (use promo code p3ncd for your first free ride!) to the Glam/Mode dinner. There were lots of drinks, food and friends so of course I had an amazing time. And you already know that I hit up the photo booth!

I'll be back tomorrow with my busiest day of fashion week! You ain't seen nothing yet. Want a small preview? Click here

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