Recap: H&M Opening in White Plains

Jacket // Shirt // Skirt (not available online in the mustard) // Belt

I had such a fun time at the H&M re-opening in White Plains this last Friday! Everyone was so sweet and helpful there-- such a great company. The store also looks amazing. It's massive and has SO many options. When picking out my outfit, I was immediately drawn to the "business" clothes section. That's where I picked up this stripe shirt (because I needed another one) and this navy blazer. That was one thing coming into the store I knew I wanted to find. All of my favorite blazers are from H&M. They're super affordable and they always fit so well. I have one in just about every color except for navy (I know-- crazy!). The more difficult part was finding the bottom to the outfit. I was drawn to a couple different skirts (this one in particular) but it looked off. It needed something and I was on the search for that that something was. Of course I had the option to change my top, but I was set on the blazer/stripe combo! While searching the belts, I found this gold chain one and knew it was the perfect something for this outfit!

Once I had my outfit down, I was able to pick 5 lucky winners to shop the store early and win a complementary outfit. It was great reading some fans of the blog and new people as well! Everyone picked out amazing outfits and we all had such a fun time. I'll be following up with more photos when I get them in from the photographer!

Thanks to all who came! Had such a fun time!!

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