Travel Tuesday: Road Trip to Boston

On our way to the beach, we spent a night in Boston (this was part of my birthday present). It was perfect because I had never been to Boston and it was a great way to break up the long drive. Got in around check-in time which meant we had time for one thing before the game. Although I tried to take a nap (I was soooo sleepy), Andrew made me rally and we decided to use our time to go on a Duck tour!

While I'm really not one for guided tours, this was SO cool! For those who don't know, it's a drive around town then INTO THE WATER. Whaaaa #amazing

It was so dang hot and humid in Boston on that day, so it was nice to be out on the water and enjoy the breeze. I highly recommend the tour to anyone in Boston. Really had such a great time!

*Drum roll please* 
Then we made our way to Fenway (ahhhhh)

Fenway Park

Being a major baseball fan, Fenway was on the very top of my to-do list. Being there honestly brought tears to my eyes (but I didn't blink so I wasn't actually crying). It was so magical. Really just magical. All the history and the old-time feel was just out of this world. Fenway is now my favorite ballpark! Pittsburgh, you're next. 

While I didn't wear this outfit from my baseball series, I did wear my Red Sox hat and Jack Rogers

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