ROAD TRIP: Philadelphia

Road Trip:
A series of road or away games.

Happy to be back from vacation! Thanks to all my wonderful friends for being so amazing and guest posting for me while I was gone. Before I get to my trip, I wanted to back track a little. Andrew and I spent a day in Philadelphia last Sunday. I had never been, it's relatively close, and the Braves were in town!

One of the things I wanted to see was the Liberty Bell. Let me tell you, it's less than exciting. So much so that I didn't even picture it. However, I did snap a photo of Independence Hall … then it was off to the game!
philadelphia travel guide

I have a good friend that works for the Phillies, Michael, that hooked us up with wonderful tickets and a tour of the stadium. He was the best!

Phillies Game

Michael also hooked Andrew and I up with some Phillies gear. Asq Braves and Mets fans, we "loved" the gifts ;)

After the game we stopped by the Rocky Steps, which are located at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We raced up the steps because… we had to!
 (suuuuuuper corny photo)
rocky statue

After the steps we found ourselves downtown for food and dessert. We ate dinner at the Plough & the Stars (I had duck and Andrew had a Philly cheesesteak). I highly recommend it!
the plough and the stars

When we were done with dinner we were walking around and stumbled upon this ice cream shop with a huge line. We knew it had to be good and we had the time so we stood in line and checked it out. It was like an old school ice cream parlor with homemade ice cream. The whole vibe was really cool.

The place was called The Franklin Fountain and I really suggest checking it out if you're ever in Philly! SO good!!
the franklin fountain in Philly

That was it! Short and (oh so) sweet. Can't wait to share more trips :)

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